2019 Tawas Township Clean Up Day!

July 13, 2019 from 8am - Noon

This is open & free to all township property owners and residents and will give you a chance to get rid of all of your unwanted junk. We encourage you to take advantage of this service to help keep our Township looking good. Items not accepted are construction materials, dead animals, animal or human waste, hazardous materials, contaminated soils, asbestos, paints, petroleum products, herbicides, appliances containing freon (must be certified freon free to be accepted), yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves and branches. Tires we cannot accept: airplane tires, earth mover tires, OTR tires, skid steer tires, tractor tires and tires larger than 10 ply. All other tires will be $5.00 each to help offset the cost. We appreciate everyone’s hard work in keeping the township clean. If you have any questions or concerns regarding township issues, please call me at 362-3144. Paul Westcott